Sunday, March 30, 2008

'Alpine Forget-Me-Not'.....Alaska State Flower

In honor of Alaska Sunday I present the State Flower of Alaska,

The Alpine Forget-Me-Not.

Myosotis alpestris
Photo Courtesy of Martha

This really is the alpine version of the flower.
Forgive the poor quality photograph.
It was taken with a Point-n-Shoot which has no depth of field adjustment.
She photographed this flower high in the mountains.
Luckily, Martha got this shot. I got no photo at all.

Scroll down to see the AK Sunday post

Troy and Martha


brucesc said...

I'm enjoying my vicarious Alsaska trip a lot. All the pix are well done, but I think the otter and the sea lion are my favorites. Congratulations on the life birds too.
Don't belittle Martha's P&S camera--that's a fine picture. I take all mine with one too.

Sandpiper said...

Your pictures are wonderful. They jump off the page and make me wish that I were there. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and for the link. I've added you to my side bar, as well. I'll be back. You're blog is terrific!

The Texican said...

Good job Martha. I thought the shot had great depth of field.

AphotoAday said...

Super. I've always loved Forget-Me-Nots... My parents and their neighbors had a variety in their yards, but they also grow wild around here in Marin County.

I can remember as a child collecting a handful and then giving them to someone I loved -- I guess it was my earliest attempt at expressing love. (now I have a cat)

Travis said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I really enjoyed your blog. The color of this photo is terrific. Would you like to exchange links?

Chris said...

Wow, great Martha! I think this flower is my favorite...thanks for showing!

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful, anyone who has seen them will know why they are called forgetmenots.. Love the foggy ship photo in the last post. Great shot.

Anonymous said...

Just a great shot with lots of scene depth and great colours.
Been checking the other photos and ... wow!
I will certainly add you to my FRIENDS TO VISIT.

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Hello Martha,

What a friendly an sweet blog do you have here!

Thank you so much for your friendly compliments and for adding a link of my blog on yours:)
When you like it , I can send you my list of music by email? (you said you liked my list)
This way you can add the music on your MP3 or your blog!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Hello Troy,

Yes I see, great music yu have here too, this way we can share out personal taste of music,i am glad that I could help you though
have agood day, I ma ready for sleep here, its night here,

Nice meeting you and martha,

Kathiesbirds said...

No apology needed! That photo is gorgeous! What a lovely shade of blue! Is it chemical or structural? (Have you read Doug Taurons latest post on Gossamer Tapestry?)

Texas Travelers said...

Check out this article. It explains why roses are red and violets are blue.

In a word, chemical in this case.

Doug Taron said...

This is a really great blog. I love your photos. Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my place.

Your link for Kathie made me realize that structural and chemical colors are not mutually exclusive categories. If you isolate the pigment from most "blue" flowers, you will find that it's actually purple. Many of the colored compounds are pH indicators, as your link discusses. To get a true blue, as in the alpine forget me not, there is also a structural component. Thanks for broadening my thinking about this.

Anonymous said...

Again...I just want to say how wonderful the picture of the Alpine Forget-Me-Not is. I have never seen such beauty and clarity in a photo.

randi K design said...

What a beautiful Blog!! Gorgeous pictures!

Jeff Mohamed, said...

I really envy you the Alaska and Arctic Circle trip! Maybe we'll make it one day. But in the meantime we'll have to visit northern Texas' so far, in 5 years we haven't made it north of Huntsville.