Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Migration

We're excited. We are leaving Friday for High Island, TX for a long weekend of birding and photography. It's a major place to see a fallout of warblers during the spring migration. Last year we had 23 different species of warblers in one day. It was great to say the least. I'll post the results when we get back.

I am starting a new theme called Alaska Sunday in which I will post photos taken during our Alaska trip.

Here's Martha birding far from home, looking for Jaegers, North of the Artic Circle and just South of the Brooks Range in Alaska on the Haul Road. Yep, she found one later in the day.

On the Haul Road(one of the better parts)

Martha in the Arctic Ocean. I think see was looking for shore birds. You know how birders are, they will go to any extreme.

Looking for shorebirds

This is our Travel rig. Toyota 4-Runner for off-road and a TrailManor to rest our weary feet at night. We drove from Texas to Alaska and spent 16 weeks on the road and 5 weeks in Alaska.

By Muncho Lake in B.C. Canada

Troy and Martha


The Texican said...

At last a glimpse of Troy and Martha.

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your blog Troy and Martha....I am looking forward to the trip to Alaska photos as we would like to do the same thing one day. I like the photo of Muncho Lake there... Muncho Lake is on the Alaska Highway 97 and is south of Liard River and is 152 miles west of Fort Nelson, B.C. Population 20!!) There is a nice page about it on the site but I don't like to add links in my comments so I am not sure. ;-)