Friday, March 14, 2008

The Leaves Have Eyes

One of my favorite butterflies is the Satyr. It is frequently a companion on the woodland trail, flitting along just out of harms way. An inconspicuous small brown butterfly described by Pyle as having a slow motion dancing flight. Brock and Kaufman describe their movement as bouncing along perkily close to the ground. Despite its name the Little Wood-Satyr is the largest and most widespread of the satyrids. Unless watching closely when they land, they are difficult to see as they blend right into the leaf litter.

Little Wood-Satyr (Megisto viola)

The butterfly here is the Viola’s form of the Little Wood-Satyr (Megisto cymela). Some experts suggest a separate species, Megisto viola. The viola’s form has larger eye-spots and more and larger silvery patches between the spots.

Photographed at the Ft. Worth Nature Center. Considered uncommon in Tarrant County.

Alternate Title: Here’s Looking At You Kid

Troy and Martha


The Texican said...

Nicely composed. Keep up the good work. I commented on wildlife photography this morning in my blog.

Kathiesbirds said...

Troy, you should check out Gossamer Tapestry. He is a bug guy too! Nice photo. Thanks for the education!

Texas Travelers said...

Texican: Thanks for the comment. I saw your blog and liked it a lot.

Kathiesbirds: Thanks for the link.