Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wild flowers from the Coast and SE Texas

Here are a few close-ups of the wildflowers that we saw on our trip down to High Island, TX. There are not enough blooming yet to get good fields of flowers. It will be a couple of more weeks. Be sure to click on the photos.

Beach Evening-primrose (backlit)

Honey bees working wild berry vines

Indian Paint-brushes and a little sweet clover
The color is really intense this year

Beautiful pink Indian Paint-brush

Wild Spider Lily
They grow in wet ditches and are fairly rare.

Spiderwort with hairy stamens and colorful tops

Large thistle

Troy and Martha


brucesc said...

Beautiful wild flowers! Is that an unusual color for an Indian paint brush? Isn't it nice to live where it's spring already!

The Texican said...

Great shots. What is your camera? I've been shooting 35mm all these years, but I am considering an investment in a good digital.

Chris said...

Oh such lovely flower close ups! Nice job!

me and my camera said...

The wild Spider Lily is amazing. Beautiful and intriguing looking; I've never seen anything like it before. And the Spiderwort is beautiful too with wonderful blues. I have a wildflower blog that I had put into hibernation for the winter but am anxious to to revive it as soon as I see my first wildflower bloom.

leslie said...

Howdy Troy and Martha,
I am pleased to have you link to my blog!
But tell me, it has to be for the scintillating writing, and not for my 'snapshots'! :)
Your photographs are outstanding.

Duncan said...

I commented before but it didn't show up, so I'll do it again, great shots Troy and Martha!

Rurality said...

Love those flowers! We made a short tour around TX a few years back and visited High Island also. I wish we could have stayed longer - there are a lot of interesting places there.

bill said...

Nice flowers. I've always heard of High Island but never been there.