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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Bailey Bridge

Bridges Between

The Bailey Bridge which crosses the Ft. Nelson River
links Ft. Liard by Highway to the rest of the World.
This is truly a "Bridges Between" in Canada.

Into the Valley
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Ft. Nelson River
Crossed by the Bailey Bridge

There was a nice turnout and picnic table on the north side where we stopped and rested and took photos and chased butterflies trying to identify them.

The Bailey Bridge which crosses the Ft. Nelson River, is the longest Acrow (Bailey) Bridge in the world. Relatively few people have ever seen this bridge due to its remote location.

Long Bridge over the Ft. Nelson River
Longest Bailey Bridge in the World

Fort Liard (Slavey language: Echaot'l Koe "people from the land of the giants") is a hamlet in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. It is located 37 km (23 mi) north of the British Columbia border. It became accessible by road in 1984 with the completion of the Liard Highway (Northwest Territories Highway 7 and (British Columbia Highway 77).

Population is 583 according to the 2006 Census the majority of which are First Nations.

The community of Fort Liard is located near the junction of the South Nahanni and Liard Rivers at 61°02’N and 123°23’W, 142 air km southwest of Fort Simpson and 507 air km southwest of Yellowknife. The Liard river is a major tributary of the MacKenzie River, the longest drainage system in northwestern Canada.

Historically, the Nahanni Dene traded with posts at Fort Liard, Fort Nelson and even some trapping posts located around the pacific coast. The community was founded with a government-sponsored movement of people from nearby Netla River, situated approximately 24 km away.

Ft. Liard Sign
Shows Trapper in Canoe and Snowshoes,
the only way to travel before the Bridge

Fort Liard is in the Territories' southwest corner. Prior to 1807, the Northwest Company founded a post that was taken over by Hudson's Bay Co in 1821 when both companies merged. The opening of the Liard Highway in the early 1980s put the quiet village on the map. The community is characterized by lush growth and a relatively mild climate, despite its northern location. Hence it's nickname "the tropics of the north".

The steel truss panels on this particular bridge have been in use on various northern bridges since WWII. As other bridges were rebuilt or replaced, the salvageable panes were stored until needed for this bridge.

Will support large loads

Close view of side rail

Here is an excellent article on the Invention of the Bailey bridge. Click here.

The Hamlet of Fort Liard has two stores to choose from: The General Store and the The North West Company store. It has a school "Echo Dene School", with a student population of about 150 from K-12. It also has a nursing station, an Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment, and a Recreation Centre (complete with a swimming pool, skating rink, youth centre and a multi-court). There is a fuel center that sells gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, emergency survival kits and convenience items.

There is also a traditional craft store which sells locally made craft items. We purchased some nice baskets for our Native American Collection here at the craft store. At the General store we found some nice picnic supplies for our lunch on the banks of the Liard River. Lunch - loaf of fresh-baked bread, great canned beef, 2 wonderful cheeses, a great brand of pickles which we can't get here in Texas, and some great juice.

The bridge allowed us to visit a truly great place with historical significance (Hudson Bay Co.), not to mention the beautiful drive and wonderful lunch.

Bridges Between is a Monthly Endeavor by RuneE. Click here to participate.

Troy and Martha
Photos by Troy and Martha

BC Forest Capital Sign
Looks like the “Bridges Between” Logo