Monday, March 24, 2008

Back from The Gulf and East Texas

Back from a quick 3 day week-end. 330 miles down to the Gulf of Mexico on Friday. Played on Saturday. 330 miles back to Ft. Worth on Sunday. We saw over 100 species of birds and photographed a lot of wildflowers. I will post some of those later. Click to enlarge the photograph. I used the Red Paw Media 'Bleach By-pass' filter to give it a tray-developed and hand-tinted look.

Dogwood Blooms in East Texas



The Texican said...

I've been everywhere man.
Crossed the deserts bare man.
I've breathed the mountain air man.... And I haven't left the State of Texas yet. Glad you made it back safely. Looking forward to the pics.

Texas Travelers said...

There are a lot of beautiful places outside of Texas but its amazing how many new, beautiful, exciting, strange, wondrous, different and entertaining places there are here in Texas. And still many more to see along with a different sunrise and sunset every day. Troy

The Texican said...

You inspired me with the dogwood photo, so I posted on the Lone Star State today.