Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seward, AK - Small Boat Nature Tour - Part 2

I am not going to have time to post this in the morning. So I am posting "Alaska Sunday" tonight.
Don't peek until tomorrow. Click here to see Pt. 1. Some of the best photos are there.

This is Part 2 of the "Captain's Choice" trip out of the Small Boat Harbor in Seward, Alaska, to Kenai Fjords N.P. After agreement among all of the passengers, we decided to go to Bear Glacier 1st and then to the Chiswell Islands.

The trip started down Resurrection Bay to Bear glacier and then out through the Harding Gateway into Blying Sound (open seas) which is a part of the Gulf of Alaska. From there we proceeded to the Chiswells, which are directly out from Aialik Bay. The water was about 600' deep out from land and in the center of the bays for most of the trip .

On the other side of the Kenai Peninsula and to the southwest is the town of Homer (Halibut fishing capital of Alaska). It's a long way back around to Homer. We had set up our camper on a long spit of land only a few hundred yards wide that ran out into the Bay. But that is another story.

Click on the photos to enlarge them
Be sure to scroll down on the enlarged photographs to see the bottom

Pulling Out

Looking Stormy
Did we put enough patches behind the ear?

Whale Sighted
Everyone rushed from the cabin.

Typical Whale Photo
Most photos catch only the splash.
Click here to see Pt. 1 of the story to see an exciting 'whale breaching' shot.

Common Murre Raft.
Notice the streaked flanks on the Murres (identifying characteristics).
Can you find the five Puffins? (You'll have to click on the photo to find them)

A Sister Boat
Filled with landlubbers looking for wildlife.

Sea Lions on the Rocks
Notice how high they are out of the water. I was wondering about this and noticed the tide line on the rocks. I just now took out my Palm Smartphone with "Tide tools" on it. I checked the date and time of the photo and entered them into Tide tools and found that the tide back then in Resurrection Bay was 3.5 feet and dropping. It had been at 10.5 feet earlier. They must have climbed out of the water when it was 7' higher at the top of the brown tide line. Maybe my detective work is all "wet". Maybe they just jumped up there. ;0

Eagle Sighting
It's sure to make the boat tilt when all the passengers rush to that side.

Pretty Foggy at Times
Pray for clearing

Entrance to Bear Glacier Arm
The Glacier sort of makes its own weather. Cold ice, cold water, warm air....Fog.
I really like the reflections.

Harbor Seal
They like to climb out on the ice floes.
The fog is clearing. Prayer works.

Blue Ice

Bears on the Shore
I guess there are bears at Bear Glacier.
The little black specks on the shore.
(Are you remembering to click on the photos to enlarge them?)

Iceberg Calving
If you hear the crack of the ice and splash, it's too late to photograph the calving.
You have to watch and be ready.
That cracking sound really carries over the water and is pretty cool to hear.

Parakeet Auklets
We got lucky and found some on the way back.

Alaska Sunday is a collection of photographic remembrances of our driving trip from Texas to Alaska.
18,000 miles, 16 weeks, 16 western states including Alaska and four Canadian Provinces.
No chronological order, just anything of interest that got in front of our cameras.

Troy and Martha


Dale's Page said...

My dream trip and you are living it. Have not been there since 1981.

Duncan said...

Once again, great shots, that weather is awe inspiring.

The Texican said...

Worth the wait. Great Pics. Especially those high jumping Sea Lions.

me and my camera said...

Your Sunday Alaska collection is wonderful. I have always wanted to see Alaska and your photos just convince me more of that. I especially like the big splash of the `typical whale photo`; that is so true I think for on a whale watching trip here on the east coast I saw a few splashes and dark, slipperly looking backs but definitely nothing like the beautiful whale photo you have posted on your `part one` photos.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh these are nice photos...that was a fun post to read and lots of good shots...nice job...cheers...

Kathiesbirds said...

Oh Troy, you've hit a tender spot with me. We have had to cancel 2 trips to Alaska and I fear I will never get to go. You pictures are so lovely. I espceialy like the entrance to Bear Glacier Arm. So moody.

fishing guy said...

Troy: You certainly got some special picture on this post. I enjoyed your Alaska journey.

Joe said...

Awesome...your trips are making me jealous! Our next big outing s a caribbean cruise that visits the Turks, San Juan and St. Thomas.