Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Texas Fumewort

Texan Fumewort Corydalis micrantha
The continuing quest to photograph Texas Wildflowers

Family - Fumariaceae (Bleeding-heart)
Genus - corydalis (Fumewort)
Species - micrantha
ssp - texensis (Texan Fumewort)

Found in Ft. Worth, Tarrant county, TX

6-18 in tall. Flowers about 1/2 in long and crested. Blooms Feb to May, usually in disturbed soil. However, it may be found on bluffs, hills, in woods and on river banks. The genus found here in Texas is lemon yellow.

The flower does not appear to be attached at the end but rather in the middle. This is because the upper petal has a spur that extends back past the end of the flower.

The subspecies australis (smallflower fumewort) is sometimes know as golden smoke in southeastern US..

The various species of this genus are difficult to identify sometimes and require an eye loupe and seed examination to separate some eastern species. This one was reasonably easy due to geographic location.

A bonus was the teensy weensy spider catching gnats in her incredibly tiny web.

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The Texican said...

Great photos and great post. Good to have another Texican visiting my site.

The Texican said...

Well you are officially on Pappy's list of favorites. Tell everybody in Fort Worth I said hello. Love your pictures of the Whistling Ducks. We have lots down our way.

Chris said...

Wow that's beautiful!