Friday, April 18, 2008

Wood Bee and Pollen

It's What's for Supper
(Not Beef)

Act I - Scene I

(Mr. Bee enters front door)
Mr. Bee: Honey, I'm home, I got the pollen for supper.

(Mrs. Bee enters from Kitchen. Looks startled!)
Mrs. Bee: No, no Dear, I told you to get the yellow pollen.

(Click on the photo to see what Mr. Bee brought home)
(Eastern Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa virginica)

General Range:
Nebraska south to eastern Texas and
east to Maine and central Florida.

They generally feed on flower nectar.
(Sometimes chewing through the flower base to reach the nectar).
The solitary female drills a hole in sound dead wood, i.e. posts, beams, fences.
Then she lays one egg and stocks the hole with a pellet of pollen and nectar.



Marvin said...

Hey, times are tough. Everyone's got to make do with purple pollen every once and a while. Great macro.

The Texican said...

Well I'll Bee.

AphotoAday said...

How intersting...   A Carpenter Bee is one I've never heard of, but then, there's a whole lot of stuff I don't know...

Stacey Huston said...

Purple pollen, I wonder what flavor that is, maybe grape? Very informative post thanks for the info. I know carpenter bees well working in restoring old log homes we see them often and get to know them intimatly(lol)

Texas Travelers said...

Marvin; Exactly right.
Texican; thanks for stopping by.
Donald; Me too.

This was a fun post.

Texas Travelers said...

Stacy; I like to watch them hover outside their hole.

Lilli & Nevada said...

That is cute.

me and my camera said...

Great dialogue. :-) Great picture too.

Chris said...

That's an amazing close up!!! So beautiful, purple is a good color, he did well.