Thursday, April 10, 2008

Project Yellow I

Subtitle: Sky Watch Friday on Thursday

We were driving back from Alaska, when we spotted this beautiful tranquil scene. Little did I realize that it would be used in Project Yellow.... Is that sky blue, or what? Yellow and blue go nicely together, don't you think?

Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

Yellow Boat at Peace with the World
(Click on the photo & Scroll down to see Yellow)
(Did you remember to scroll down after clicking too see all the green?)

No Photoshopping except for slight adjustment in levels.
Yes, the sky was really that blue.
It was a good day.
Troy and Martha


Moi said...

that's the tiniest yellow i have seen in the yellow project :DDDD
love the scene...thanks for dropping my blog. I sure am gonna keep coming back :)

Carletta said...

How absolutely stunning! A sky that blue would make me want to stay!
I love your subtitle for Skywatch.
It was a pleasure visiting.

Paulie said...

Even clicking to enlarge gave me a miniscule yellow boat! Good catch. I think I would have saved that photo for blue tho. . . hehehehe Come and see my yellow one for today.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Absolutely gorgeous.Would make a wonderful post card.
Come check out my yellows

Anna said...

I am with Moi! NICE TINY YELLOW! Big things come in small packages! :) You can see all the participants in my comments since I have started the project!

Have fun with it and this is a beautiful shot!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!
And that sky sure is blue!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Well done for conbining both Sky Watch and Project Yellow... and what a view you have here... how I'd love to stand there taking all that in...
Thank you both for such a great post


dot said...

Good thinking to combine the two in one photo! Beautiful picture!

Mel said...

Lovely sky!!! WOW!!

guild-rez said...

Only in Canada eh??
Wonderful picture.

John said...

Absolutely stunning!

Marcos Santos said...

Beautiful Picture!

Robert said...

What a creative way to share yellow. I'm learning so much from what others are posting here. The whole image is incredible, but your choice to post it as a use of yellow is what moved me most. Great work.