Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alaska Sunday XVIII

Trip Log - Part III
June 13-14

The third installment of the trip log of 'The Drive from Texas to Alaska and Back' .

Notice of Timeout: They Olympics is on and I am a huge fan. I haven't had a chance to organize any text and photos. Way too much TV.

As mentioned previously, this log does not contain too much commentary. It is mainly sequential locations, dates, mileage traveled, photographs showing the trip progress, and how the landscape changed. The Alaska Trip Log is divided into two week intervals (parts) and I am posting it on consecutive Sundays. Past and future posts of Alaska Sunday (apart from the trip log) will have more detailed information, and more photos of each specific area. A small number of the photographs were previously posted when describing specific locations. Most are new photos not previously seen.

So, just a quick post today to get back to the US, and to let you know that I am still alive.

6/13 Victoria, B.C. to Sidney, B.C. to Anacortes, WA (by Ferry) to Bellingham, WA 102 mi

Beautiful Ferry Ride through the San Juan Islands (in the rain) and then on to our camp site in Bellingham, WA.

Through the San Juan Islands by Ferry
(Click on the images for a better view)

6/14 Bellingham, WA to North Cascades Nat'l Park and back. 206 miles

It was my birthday today. We were back in the US to celebrate Flag Day and my birthday.

Small Waterfall and Polished Rocks
North Cascades

I'll try to steal some time this week from the Olympics and make the log a little longer next Sunday. If this is your first time here, go back and look at the photos of Parts I and II.

5481 miles to date.

Part I of the Trip Log is here.
Part II of the Trip Log is here.

It was a small post today, so leave a small comment if you liked one or both photos.

Troy and Martha


Daryl said...

I was up late watching Michael Phelps win the 8th Gold and I think the kid who flew through that last lap deserves more than a medal ...

And now I am reading your blog, enjoying your adventures as I sip my morning coffee and try to wake up!


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Small comment:Beautiful waterfall, and I could spy that tiny light(beacon?) on the island.

Enjoy the rest of your Olympics watching!

Louise said...

I hope your June 14 birthday was wonderful!

As for the Olypics... today marks my 8th week of blogging, but I've been reading longer. I have noticed that the past week there have been less posts, less comments and less visits. I never watch television, but have been sucked into the Olympics this year and have stayed up to unbelievably ridiculous hours watching the excitement. I theorized all the "less" blogging had to do with the Olympics, and it looks like I might me right. Enjoy it, it's only every 4 years. (Unless you get into the winter stuff, too, which who doesn't?)

kjpweb said...

Oly.. what? I know, I know. Just not a fan anymore. :)
The more I enjoy your trip!
Cheers, Klaus

Island Rambles Blog said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog post the other day. I really appreciate
that you visited my blog and I hope you will come back and see the mountains today. I am so honored that you saw my blog before you were a blogger and liked it and started blogging because you can do it so much better than I can.... cheers. (I am putting you in a time out to watch the Olympics...sounds like you have been bad!!!)

fishing guy said...

Troy: I love your bubbling water capture. That photo came out special.

Tommy V said...

Man that looks like a wonderful and fun trip. Thanks for sharing.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Loved both of the photos immensely!

Lovin' the Olympics as well. Summer Olympics have always been my favorite! I'm finding it difficult as well to blog and watch the Olympics!
Mountain Retreat

Bob Johnson said...

Happy belated birthday, great shots, been watching a bit of the Olympics, now that Canada is starting to win something,lol.

Anonymous said...

Waterfall picture is beautifully done.

Stanley said...

Nice shots. And Phelps is stunning! Amazing to watch him tumble all the world records.