Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recipe for Salad of the House


This is a simple “Prepare Ahead” Recipe for parties, one-dish meals, or late night snacks. I have seen other recipes like this, but this is one that Martha and I made up right after we were married. It’s best after sitting in the Fridge for about 24 hours. I usually wait 15 minutes. It really is a lot better after the flavors have blended. Sorry, no photos, it’s all gone.

Prepare in a LARGE bowl and make plenty. Proportions to taste. I usually don’t measure, but here are the approximate proportions that I use.

3 med to large potatoes
3 small cans of white albacore tuna packed in water
5 hard-boiled eggs
¾ cup thinly sliced olives (not spicy)
S&P to taste

Boil potatoes till just done so that they may be peeled and thinly sliced without crumbling too much.
Thinly slice hard-boiled eggs (no shells please).
Drain Tuna or the tuna flavor may be over-powering.

Your goal is to taste all the flavors equally.

Layer potatoes-tuna-eggs-olives. Repeat layering.

I use pimento stuffed olives sometimes but I take out the pimentos so the flavor won’t be too strong. A little olive juice drizzled on the potatoes is not a bad thing. Just a little – not too much.

I usually use a little salt and pepper on the egg layer. (To taste)

It took several times for us to get the proportions to our taste. Keep experimenting. Try different olives for a new taste.

Prepare ahead and place a scoop on a small plate for your guests. Remember to have extra so they can have some seconds. Assorted plain crackers or biscuits work great. Have the recipe ready.

I usually just get a large plate and a fork and it’s off to the TV or Computer.

Oh, by the way, I have been eating it like this for 40+ years. In 5 or 10 years, I may try mackerel or cod for a change. Then again, maybe not.

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david mcmahon said...

Lovely shots of the Monarch - and I'm off to try the salad!!

Judi-gmj said...

Oh yum! three of my favorite things in one. Interesting twist on a potato salad, thanks for the recipe.

me and my camera said...

Sounds tasty, I'll give it a try.

Judi-gmj said...

BTW, did you get your E-mail I sent?

AphotoAday said...

Sounds good.   I made a copy of your recipe so I'll have to try it.   Might make a good change from my usual steamed carrots, celery, cabbage, tofu, non-fat yogurt, and catchup.