Wednesday, November 19, 2008

R is for Raccoon

R is also for:
Robber (Masked Bandit)
Relocated (read the story)

Big Raccoon
That's a big trap he's in. (Caught last night)

Don't worry.
He's OK

After I took his mug shot, I took him for a car ride and released him on probation. We live about 10 minutes from Fossil Creek which is a tributary of the Trinity River. Miles and miles of timber, creeks, and bottomlands for him to practice his trade.

I have been trying to trap him for about a week. They wander in and discover the cat food, chicken food, recycle compost, and water. "Looks like a good place to set up housekeeping", they say.

I think there may be another one. Martha and I heard a Raccoon Party on top of the house night-before-last. They really make a lot of noise screeching and chittering.

I guess I'll set the trap again tonight.
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Have you ever had Raccoon troubles?

Troy and Martha

ABC Wednesday Round 3 is here.


willow said...

Yes, and we have a big trap just like this one! Several of them have been given a ride to a more rural spot. The kids used to love to get a good close up look at the pesky cuties.

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

hi Try and Martha,

i am glad the racoon is OK, although its not really my type of pet :)

My R is here:

Greetings JoAnn

RuneE said...

We don't even have raccoons, so what is the trouble with them?

Daryl said...

Well done! He claimed he was innocent didnt he? Glad you were able to catch and release ...


Leslie: said...

Great you were able to take him elsewhere. Vancouver does have a raccoon problem - they're all over the city and there's no place to take them. Japanese tourists are all over Stanley Park taking photos of them, and they raid people's garbage cans. I have a can that has locks on it so they can't tip it over and get into it. They really are rascals, aren't they? I hope you get the rest of the family and reunite them.

Jay said...

I've heard they're a terrible nuisance in some cities and yet they look so cute, don't they?

We don't have them here but we do have urban foxes - they can be a nuisance too, but mostly they're fine.

SLW said...

Only once here, we're just high and dry and a mile away from the dumpsters in town by the creek where they prefer to hang out. He/she stayed away from the chickens, but was a challenge for the dogs!

Thanks for the humane option. They gotta make a living too. Isn't it interesting which critters tolerate us humans?

photowannabe said...

A nice way to rid your self of the raccoon.
The only trouble we had with them was their trying to get into our garbage cans.
I haven't seen any around here in our new home.

Genie said...

We've been battling raccoons for years. I think they eat more corn from the deer feeders than the deer do. Hubby tracked one on a whim and found pure, golden yellow spore along the way. They get HUGE eating out of our feeders. And corn just isn't that cheap, we really need it for the deer and turkey. If I ever get a tele-converter lens I'll have to spend a morning in the deer blind some time and see if I can capture some of the little thieves.

Best critter experience I ever had was a face-down with an opossum on our tiny front step. They look like aliens in the moonlight, I swear. He froze and stared at me, I--only two feet away--giggled madly and talked to it (because I'm weird that way). I finally started feeling sorry for it because it wouldn't move so went back in the house until it felt secure enough to scamper off.

What good folks you must be to take the trouble to re-locate them!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Oh, yes! I had a whole raccoon family nesting in a tree from which they had easy access to my roof. Their nocturnal ramblings across the shingles would sometimes wake me from sleep. I'm glad you were able to relocate this one. (Mine relocated themselves when they heard I was eliminating the tree -- for other reasons.)

It's Time to Live... said...

Had one as a pet a couple of times. Once, we lost a very small, young one in our appartment. Hours later we still had not found it. I opened the fridge to get a snack and there he was sitting on a plate if KFC but under the aluminum foil that covered it. He was glad to see us!

Ana said...

Oh,,,,in Brazil we have different ones.
Thank you to return her to the nature.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...


In California, it is illegal to relocate wildlife without a permit.

Raccoons (in my opinion) are a "problem" animal because we have squeezed them out of their own homes. They are clever and adaptable and humans are foolish creatures who leave perfectly good food laying about. And we hate raccoons for helping themselves to our feast.

Anyway, I thank you for being kind to this animal.