Monday, November 3, 2008

Bridges Between

the North and South Rim
of the Grand Canyon

Navajo Bridge
Photo by Martha

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Boats as seen from the Bridge
Photo by Troy

Completed in 1964, Glen Canyon Dam bridge is 1,560 ft (475.5 m)long and about 583 feet (178 m) above the Colorado River. Before it and the downstream Navajo Bridge (pictured here) were built, it was a 192-mile (309 km) drive to the other side of the canyon.

Troy and Martha

Be sure to leave a comment. Have you been there?
Have you been to the North or South Rim of the Grand Canyon?

Note: There had just been a slight shower, which had brought out the red in the rocks and soil. Good luck for me. Timing is everything. The only post processing was to adjust levels and a slight increase in saturation to compensate for the overcast sky.

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RuneE said...

A most impressive sight! I would not have been on the team that built that one!

BTW - I have for a time had neither word verification nor comment moderation and I get hardly any spam at all (once a month?) It is a larger problems with memes where certain entries include forwarding to an ad-page. That can be stopped in Firefox at least, but that leads to another nuisance.

Katney said...

Well, I had moderation off and verification on while away from my computer a couple of weeks ago and had the experience of spam anyway. Daryl had a spammer this morning, too. I might try your experiment and see how it goes, but am wary of doing it when I am away for an extended time as we will be soon.

We have traveled that bridge and the dam at least one way each November for the last few as we travel to spend Thanksgiving with family in the Phoenix area. This year we will miss it, as we will be going farther east and a longer time. Hopefully you can watch Katney's Kaboodle for the results of that decision in a few weeks time.

Since we do this travel in November, we take our chances on the North Rim. We have been out there--of course, after season, everything is closed--but we did take a brief hike. Another November the road was snowed in. We planned to camp there one summer, but forest fires overtook the area for the time.

As for the South Rim let me assure you--NEVER try to go there the day after Thanksgiving.

willow said...

The colors are incredible!

bobbie said...

Hello Troy and Martha
I came here from Kelly's blog. First congratulations on the award she gave you.
Beautiful pictures of the bridge! No, I have never been to the canyon. It's one of the things I've always wished to do, but never made it.

Daryl said...

I am not sure I could ever walk across the bridge .. even looking at the photo made me dizzy .. of course it could be said I am always dizzy but still


Kathiesbirds said...

Troy, I haven't been to Navajo bridge but I have been to the Glen Canyon Dam. I've given you an award on my blog. I hope you like it. No obligation, however. It took me 4 months to pass it on!

bobbie said...

Must correct myself. Isaid Kelly, I mean Kathie of Kathie's Birds. Don't know why I made that mistake. Sorry.

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Beautiful photos, Martha and Troy. Glad the rain was a helpful thing for you. I've been only to the South Rim, and not for anywhere near long enough to see everything I wanted to see. (It's a long story.)

Anonymous said...

just perfect!!! fantastic photos

T and S said...

WOW...Magnificent see the true class of these imageswhen you see the enlarged versions...Stunning captures...Thomas

The Texican said...

The Nava Joe Bridge as they might say in Mississippi. I want to see all those Western sites before too long. The Mo Jave desert, and Yo See Mite Park. Pappy

Liv said...

WOW, most impressive bridge!

Kathleen said...

We have been to the South Rim a couple of times but never to the North Rim. Beautiful pictures of and from the bridge!

fishing guy said...

Troy: What neat shots of a neat bridge. That must be the only way across.

indicaspecies said...

Fabulous pictures. The red stones and soil reminds me of the Petra of Jordan.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Wow.. super impressive. Beautiful post!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

Shellmo said...

Never been there - but would like to now after seeing your photos!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow!! What a bridge and what a view. The bridge looks kind of funny sticking out of the side of the mountain like that.

Gaelyn said...

Navajo Bridge(s)are as amazing architecturally as the canyon they span. Nice photos.
I worked on the North Rim this summer and saw one of my three California Condors roosting on the girders of the new bridge, #19 is a young female.

Coloradolady said...

what a real treat today. the bridge is impressive. I have a fondness for bridges anyway. Happy SWF.

Linda Reeder said...

I have been there, and stopped! We were on our way from the south rim to the north rim, part of a wonderful 3 week trip into the southwest.

CrazyCath said...


This is a sight I never thought I would see. The red of those rocks! I am so glad I came over. Great shots.

Sally said...

In about 1980 I went to the south rim, out of Flagstaff. it was January, there was snow all around, and unfortunately I only caught glimpses as the fog rolled away occasionally!
Sydney Daily Photo

Ana said...

Oh my...I would say that's not true. In fact it seems to be from a movie.
Ana, from Brasil.