Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alaska Sunday XXI

Trip Log - Part V

June 26 - July 3

The fifth installment of the actual trip log of 'The Drive from Texas to Alaska and Back'.

As mentioned previously, this log does not contain too much commentary. It is mainly sequential locations, dates, mileage traveled, photographs showing the trip progress, and how the landscape changed. The Alaska Trip Log is divided into one to two week intervals (parts) and I am posting it on consecutive Sundays. Past and future posts of Alaska Sunday (apart from the trip log) will have more detailed information, and more photos of each specific area. Most of the photographs in this log section were previously posted when describing specific locations.

Click on the links for more photographs and detailed descriptions of this part of the trip.

Last week we arrived in Fairbanks. Today we will continue with mileage to Coldfoot, Deadhorse, and back to Fairbanks.

Be sure to click on the photographs for full screen views.

And so, on with the trip.

6/26 Fairbanks, Alaska to Coldfoot, AK 261 mi

Martha under the Pipeline

A lot of gravel road to go

Standing on the Arctic Circle looking NW
Just after the Summer Soltice

See AK Sunday V, click here.

Slate Creek Inn at Deadhorse
$149.oo per night for a box room

See AK Sunday VI, click here.

Martha caught me resting

Koyukuk River at Midnight
Photography after a little rest

See AK Sunday VII, click here.

6/27 Coldfoot, AK to Deadhorse, Ak 247 mi

Cirque in Atigun Pass
Brooks Range

Looking Back at the Brooks Range
Alaska Pipeline

See AK Sunday VIII, click here.

6/28 and 6/29 Around Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, AK 120 mi

Chasing butterflies (one in the net)
Near the Arctic Ocean

6/30 Deadhorse back to Coldfoot 240 mi

Racing ahead of a flash flood
Koyukuk River
In 1994 floods on the river swept away three villages,
forcing the wholesale relocation of the population.

See AK Sunday XI, click here, for more of this exciting part of the trip.

7/1 Coldfoot back to Fairbanks 245 mi

7/2 Fairbanks area 22 mi

Next week we will travel to Denali National Park with lots of Photos in that area.

Mileage for this section of the log ...........1135 mi
Mileage before 6/26 ................................7809 mi

Total miles for the trip to date ...............8944 mi

Comments are appreciated.
Let me know if you are keeping up with the trip,
or are just a onetime visitor.

Troy and Martha


Daryl said...

That pipeline puts a lot into perspective .. and $149 a nite for that room? Did they think they were in NYC?

And those skies .. Oh I would be awestruck ..


kjpweb said...

You bet I keep up! :)
Wow! $149 for a plywood Broom space. They take it from the living, don't they?
Amazing images all the way!
Cheers, Klaus

myonlyphoto said...

Amazing photography, the chasing batterflies is my favorite, wow. Anna :)

storyteller said...

I’ve been keeping up since I discovered your series, but I’ve not gone back to pick up the earlier posts yet. I do enjoy seeing all this gorgeous scenery.
Hugs and blessings,

Louise said...

Regular visitor here. I'm loving this series. Can't BELIEVE the price for a room. Have to keep that in mind when budgeting for this trip (eventually). The photos are all spectacular, but I LOVE the one of the river at midnight. The mountains, colors, sky, perspective are spectacular.

Maria said...

Troy & Martha, thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us! I've never seen that landscape before! Sometimes the colours look unreal, but you said they were untouched! Spectacular!
Regards, Maria

marc aurel said...


Bob Johnson said...

Amazing pics Troy and Martha, great to see you guys, the pipeline is huge, nice to see the perspective with Martha in the image, your mountain shots are awesome as usual.

Ivar Østtun said...

Amazing and beautiful pictures. An interesting post :-)

John B. said...

Beautiful photos! I'm still keeping up with your Alaska series.

Larry D said...

Wow Ive been trying to keep up with your trip as well, these photos are superb, the light there is incredible.

Tess Kincaid said...

STUNNING photos!!! Wow!! Deadhorse. What a name. :)

Doug Taron said...

My favorite was chasing butterflies near the Arctic Ocean. Big surprise, huh? Th cirque in the Brooks Range was also pretty cool.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

fantastic!!!!Troy and Martha,

I am from now on following your trip this is so interesting....How long does it take to drive from ALASKA to TEXAS and back? Are you driving by campercar??I see you did the trip betwwen june 26th until juli 3t, so it must be a week or so?
How interesting are the photo's wow!!!! I am really impressed, heeh Try now I saw you too, that nice to have a face behind your name...Thanks so much for showing...

Greetings from JoAnn's D Eyes
(now in Holland)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Troy: A beautiful view of the wonders of Alaska. That room was amazing for the cost.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

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I posted (sheduled my SWF post)at 19.00 before the linky-blog is starting.
My name: JoAnn's-D-Eyes-NL

It would be very great if you can, please email me if its allright, if you can do it for me?

THANKS:)from JoAnn
You are the best :)

Michael Palmer said...

WOW I love the midnight shot!!!

Kathie Brown said...

Troy, I love the wide vista shots. So many nice ones this time that it's hard to choose. You sure look small under that big sky catching butterflies!

Anonymous said...

You have so awesome pictures here. Looking Back is my favorite photo. $149 for that room... wow what a bargain. LOL

Unknown said...

it up guys. I am loving this. I sooooo want to do one

Anonymous said...

First time visitor. What stunning photos. $149 per night for off in my mind. Will return.

Its Time to Live said...

Chasing butterflys? I do that but I never get caught! Thanks for the trip.

Pappy said...

Did you meet Sarah Palin on your trip? I noticed she had copied Martha in a photo standing under the pipeline. Pappy

Brad Myers said...

I always enjoy reading these. My son kept a dairy of our trip and like you he will always enjoy looking back at it.

Anonymous said...

excellent photography. i can image you trip. thanks for shared

Shimmy Mom said...

What a beautiful trip. I have enjoyed all of your pictures along the way. Thanks for sharing.

Leedra said...

You have such awesome photos. I am going to work toward that trip to Alaska. Hard to pick the best!

Anonymous said...


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